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Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World

WhyAntarcticaLandscapeModeIf angels had blubber instead of flutter; if they sang Holy Cow instead of Hosanna, Antarctica would be paradise.

Beautiful beyond description because there is nothing else like it, endlessly fascinating–an everlasting exhibit of iceberg sculptures as discrete as snowflakes, penguins porpoising like synchronized swimmers, the blowing of whales, the tympani of ice cracking and glaciers calving. It is seen only by the blessed and those who know it best fear the loss of it most.


With photos by Silvia Lopez, Mo Saidi, Charles Goeking, Carl Snyder

Original sketches by Colin Bass

Poem “With the Penguins” by Mo Saidi

Designed and developed by Larry Ketchersid using Baker Framework

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Table of Contents:

  1. Why Antarctica?
  2. Ushaia
  3. First Night in the Drake
  4. Round the Horn
  5. A Foot on the Last Continent
  6. With the Penguins (poem by Mo Saidi)
  7. Antarctica Tourism
  8. Hope Bay
  9. Ice
  10. Deception Island
  11. Rogue Waves
  12. Science Stations in Antarctica
  13. Neko Harbor
  14. If You Go

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