Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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Cecil does the GRAND CANYON holding a poptart

If you want to reflect back on a trip you made to the Grand Canyon, one of the eight natural wonders of the world, or you just want to imagine one, this app will take you there.SittingOnARock

With proceeds benefiting the Grand Canyon Association, this Grand Canyon app follows the author, friends and guides as they:

  • hike¬†down Bright Angel Trail;
  • raft one hundred miles down the Colorado River;
  • hike the so-called “Death March” hike to Thunder River and Surprise Valley;
  • visit Havasu;
  • brave Lava Falls (and live to tell about it);
  • helicopter out from Whitemore Wash.

Containing hi-definition videos, hundreds of photos, maps and the story of the journey, this multimedia application will be sure to remind you of your own trip to the Grand Canyon…or increase your desire to visit.

The Grand Canyon app supports simple navigation, that most users of tablets and smartphones should be familiar with:

Support FAQ

  • Pushing the big black START button on the cover gets you moving through the book;
  • Swiping left and right or up and down works like it does in most apps;
  • Double tapping on the screen pulls up the navigation/table of contents;
  • Double tapping again will make the navigation pop-up disappear, as will selecting one of the chapters;
  • The layout is in a grid format (see the image on the right titled “iOS Apps built with Baker” to see how the grid works);overview1
  • Videos can be started by tapping on the video and made full screen just like any other video player;
  • Slide shows again use swiping;

This app is built on the Baker eBook framework for enhanced eBooks, using the Laker starter pack. Baker is an HTML5 eBook framework to publish interactive books on iPad and iPhone using simply open web standards. The gents that put this together did an excellent job, and contine to enhance the framework.

Laker is the brainchild of Florian Franke. It combines the Baker Framework with the LESS CSS Framework, and includes some additional features.

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