San Jacinto

San Jacinto

sanjac-bigJoSara MeDia, in partnership with the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), presents a new multimedia enhanced eBook on The Battle of San Jacinto and the San Jacinto Monument. Featuring a full story, maps, panoramas, links to the Online Handbook of Texas and pictures, this app/eBook immerses the history student in one of the most important battles in history.

This multi-part series features:

The Battle of San Jacinto by James W. Pohl; the print edition published in January of 1989, tells the story of “one of the decisive battles of the world”. Color photos and slide show included in this enhanced edition. The Battle of San Jacinto © 1989 by Texas State Historical Association, used with permission.

Panoramic views of the present day San Jacinto Monument, taken from points displayed on the Yoakum map, where the reader can see where they are in relation to history. Links within the panoramas can take the user to in-depth articles. Panoramas © GeorgeRamirezPhotography. For an example panoramic from the San Jacinto Battleground, click here.

An article by Jeff Dunn from the Southwest Historical Quarterly, which discusses historical maps aboutThe Battle of San Jacinto and the placement of the markers commemorating this historic event.

Links within each of these sections which are highlighted allow the user to explore articles on TSHA’s Online Handbook of Texas History, providing the opportunity for deeper research.

We encourage all who are interested in Texas history to support TSHA and to consider becoming a member.

In addition, the San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy is a 501c3 organization whose goals are to (a)preserve, protect, and reclaim San Jacinto Battlefield National Historic Landmark; and (b)promote historical scholarship, archeology, commemoration, and public understanding of the battle of the San Jacinto and the events surrounding the era of theTexas Revolution.

Chapter header images above each chapter are from JoSara MeDia photographs of the monument, maps from the Jeff Dunn Southwest Historical Quarterly article, or images from The Portal to Texas History, hosted by the University of North Texas.

Cover photo of the Battle of San Jacinto by Henry Arthur McArdle (1836–1908), public domain

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