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Published Date: August 31, 2016

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Featuring over 125 original poems from John Dickey, read by the author, and accompanied by beautiful photographs from Scott D. Taylor that compliment rather than illustrate each poem, this app is built to resemble the fabulous coffee table picture books of old . . . yet the addition of the audio renditions of each poem, played automatically as you scroll from frame to frame, makes it something more . . . something magical.

In building this app, we were inspired by such beautiful printed books as Robert Frost Seasons, which combines Frost’s poems, selected by Edward Connery Latham, with photographs by Christopher Burkett.

In Puerto Rico, Quebradillas (Kay-Bra-Dee-Yas) means small streams, which is how our poems and photographs seem to us: small streams that go their own ways but, taken together, overspread various and rich lives. Some are happy, some sad, or silly.

Enjoyed individually or read end to end, we hope this work brings you joy, thoughtfulness and hope:

Love laughter and light,
nor cease to marvel at
the beauty of the night.
– John Dickey

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